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Recycle Center on Snead's Grove Road Lau

By Jessica Faye Horne

A police car came down our street with a siren and policemen were getting out and a female police officer knocked on our door very hardly at 2:20 a.m. and told us there’s a dam about to burst and we were in a flood plain and we need to evacuate immediately

Graybar image.jpg

By Alex Smith

The storm dropped 18 inches of rainfall in three days causing waters to rise beyond the flood stage, and initial point, of 13.0 feet to a crested 24 feet in the Lumber River alone.

Bacchus infographib.jpg

By Sadira Bacchus

Hurricane Florence showed the effects of a “1,000-year” event over a period of three days.

Don’t get confused because we’re talking not about history but about probability.

Jacobs Trailer.JPG
Left Behind

By Tyana Morris Emberton

The moisture caused by the unending rain resulted in mold growing inside Jacobs’s home, and his prolonged exposure to it landed him in the hospital for a total of 11 days. 

Fish on I-40 following hurricane. Image

By Jonathan Miller

“They denied me because I got help with the first flood...but I know people that they helped with Matthew and also helped them with [Hurricane Florence]” said Urshula Locklear, a resident of Pembroke whose trailer was damaged by both Hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

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