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Cypress Bops to Musical Bingo

Cypress Hall hosted a musical bingo night on Feb. 3 to help students find reprieve from their studies.

Students bopped their heads, munched on snacks and stamped their bingo cards as various musical artists such as J.Cole, Meekmill and Shaggy blasted throughout the activity room of Cypress Hall.

The first student to shout “bingo” was Courtney Goforth, a resident of Cypress Hall.

Goforth said she loves these types of events hosted by the residence halls because they always offer a variety of snacks and great prizes.

The prizes ranged anywhere from printing paper or cleaning supplies to giant packs of Sour Patch Kids.

Tremel Davis, another musical bingo head bopper, had yet to win anything, but he was not giving up.

“I’m still having a great time,” said Davis, “and hope to win something soon.”

Each residence hall hosts a variety of events over the course of each semester, so be on the lookout for flyers or ask your Resident Advisor for a schedule of upcoming events.


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