Classes to Take Next Fall Semester

When beginning to register for the Fall Semester, students have trouble finding classes to make up for the extra time slots in their schedules. Here’s some classes that   can be used as time fillers to meet the required amount of credit hours.


ENG 2790: Writing Fiction 1     

This class is an introduction to learning to write flash fiction and is taught in a workshop format. The professor, Jessica Pitchford, shows different ways for students to come out of their shell and to write fictional stories.      


This class can bring someone’s feelings into fictional writing. It’s a great class to just pass the time away with when wanting to do assignments that pertain towards their life.


BIO 1060: Exploring Life’s Diversity     

This class is a biology class for non-biology majors. It covers the kingdom of living organisms, ecology and evolution while bringing the subjects to life in the classroom. Mary Zets shows her own examples and brings examples to class to keep the students involved in the lessons.


PED 1300: Fitness Walking       

Fitness Walking is taught by Football Coach Shane Michael Richardson an is an easy way to get some light exercise in while still getting a one-hour credit.


PED 1370: Bowling     

John Cox teaches this course and it one of the most popular physical education courses among students. It shows the student the different methods to bowling and how to keep track of their scores and the different terms that go along with bowling.


ART 2050: Art Appreciation       

This course is meant to be offered towards students who are not talented in art or feel as if they are not. It goes over the history of Art and everything leading up to the art that we have today. There are few assignments that revolve around art, but mostly it is learning new historical thing about different artists.


CRJ 2400: Criminology     


This course shows the historical and contemporary theories of criminal behavior with emphasis on the sources of information on crime and the application of the scientific method to the explanation of crime. It is taught by Professor Jessica Abbot and Rudy Locklear.


PHS 1560 - Astronomy      

This course is for those who are interested in what takes place outside of Earth’s stratosphere. It focuses on the study of all matter and energy in the universe, emphasizing the concentration of this matter and energy in evolving bodies such as planets, stars and galaxies.     


Topics include the sun, solar systems, stars, black holes, pulsars, supernova and quasars. This class will be taught by Dr. Jose J D'Arruda.      


For more information on courses offered in the Fall 2016 semester, check out braveweb. Also, be sure to check classes that will only be offered in the fall, if they are required to graduate.

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