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Families Enjoy Brave Carnival

Snow cones, music and inflatables were just a small part of the Brave Nation Carnival that kicked off Parents Weekend 2016 on Sept. 24.

The carnival started at 1 p.m. and lasted until 4 p.m. Students, parents and staff were invited to enjoy the festivities.

“I am having such a great time,” said Sarah Henry, UNCP Junior. “My parents and I are enjoying the carnival games and treats before heading to the tailgating event.”

Interactive Playgrounds catered to to the students and their families. Inflatables for all ages were provided, including the Adrenaline Rush, Quarterback toss and Hoops.

Cotton candy, refreshments and carnival-themed games were also available at the event.

Alex Butler, a student at UNCP, said that the carnival was a blast.

“It was nice to take a break from classes and spend time with my family. My mom even proved her strength playing the High Striker carnival game,” Butler said.

A DJ provided pop hits for the event.

Tri Sigma sorority represented themselves by hanging a banner, welcoming fellow students and new members to Greek life.

Other sorority and fraternity members were spotted playing games and enjoying refreshments.

“This carnival was a great way to reunite students and families. My little brothers had such a great time, and even met some friends too,” said senior Branco Theis.

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