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News Briefs - 9/28/2016

Clinton and Trump Kick-off First Presidential Debate

The 2016 Presidential Debate was said to been one the biggest debates ever with an expected 100 million viewers. On Sept. 26, the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Nominee Donald Trump battled it out on the stage at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

The moderator of the debate was the anchor for the NBC Nightly News, Lester Holt. The main topics or questions discussed were plans and thoughts on the current economic position in the U.S. problems involving racial profiling and police brutality and cyber warfare.

The media are saying that Clinton “won” the debate, but much of the post debate conversation is focused on Trump. Facebook representatives said that 79 percent of debate discussion was about Trump, leaving 21 percent to Clinton.

Some of the main points Trump discussed was sticking by his plan to build a wall at the Mexican Border. He said that and taking back power from China will strengthen the U.S. economically.

While Trump focused internationally, Clinton focused locally. She said that by strengthening the middle working class, this will grow a greater economy. She said becoming energy efficient will create more jobs for the working class.

Another issue discussed was the racial issues in the U.S. Holt asked what they would do to help that and how they would stop the violence between the African American community and law enforcement. Trump said that he agreed with the Stop and Frisk tactic.

He said that crime went down dramatically in New York because of this. However, Holt and Clinton mentioned that this was ruled unconstitutional due to the cops racially profiling Hispanics and African Americans.

Clinton said that her plan would be to have better training for law enforcement so they aren’t so quick to shoot and she would get guns off the streets, which Trump agreed with however he pointed out he would do it in a different way.

The Vice Presidential Debate will be held on Oct. 4. The moderator will be Anchor Elaine Quijano from MSNBC.


Chancellor Presents Search Committee for New Provost

Dr. Richard Vela has been appointed to be the chair of the committee to find a replacement for Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Zoe Locklear.

Provost Locklear announced her retirement in August and said this will go into effect on June 30, 2017.

After this announcement, Chancellor Robin Cummings put together a 15-member search committee and presented it to the Board of Trustees on Sept. 16.

Dr. Vela is an English professor in the English, Theatre and Foreign Language Department. Chancellor Cummings said that the committee displays the diversity of UNCP.

Committee Members:

•Dr. Richard Vela, professor, English, member of 2015 Chancellor Search Committee

•Dr. Cherry Beasley Anne Belk Endowed Professor, Nursing, UNCP Foundation Board member

•Kelli Blue, chair, UNCP Board of Trustees

•Nancy Crouch, associate vice chancellor for Technology

•Dr. Val Ford, professor, School of Education, member of 2015 Chancellor Search Committee

•Logan John, student body president, SGA, UNCP student

•Dan Kenney, chief of staff

•Rudy Locklear, immediate past president, UNCP Alumni Association, UNCP adjunct faculty member

•Dr. Mary Ann Masters, optometrist, Robeson County Arts Council president

•Dr. Dale McInnis, president, Richmond Community College

•Dr. Conner Sandefur, assistant professor, Biology

•Dr. Joe Sciulli, associate professor, School of Education, UNCP Faculty Senate member

•Frederick Stephens, assistant professor, Social Work

•Dr. Dennis Swanson, dean, Mary Livermore Library

•Dr. Stewart Thomas, associate dean,

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