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UNCP Students Encouraged to be Vigilant with Technology

UNCP is continuing to see a rise in false emails that are being sent to all student emails and faculty.

Within these false emails are companies trying to offer students jobs. The catch is that these emails are not true, and those that reply to the emails are subject to being a victim of a cyber attack.

There are three tips that can be used to avoid being a victim of a cyber attack, according to Chief Information Security Officer of DoIT, Don Bryant.

The three tips are:

• Educate yourself and learn what to click on and what not to click on. Check out some of the videos that can be found on the UNCP DoIT website under the Information Security tab.

• Get a good antivirus software and keep it up to date.

• Get an anti-malware program also, this is separate from antivirus.

“If you did these three things alone, that will protect you from 90 percent of the stuff. The 10 percent you will need to have a plan in place for if you do get a virus or have an attack,” Bryant said.

Also, backing up all information will help keep individuals covered in the event they lose pictures or files from either a hacking or virus from an attachment that may come from an email or website you clicked on.

UNCP DoIT staff that specialize in internet security spend many hours of hard work each day trying to stop attackers from taking control of the computers across campus.

If unsure about an email, forward it to DoIT and let them look into it. It is better to be safe and avoid being a victim of a cyber attack.

DoIT Help Desk is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and is located on campus in the D.F. Lowry building, room 110.


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