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Campus Sacred Alliance Formed

The Sacred Alliance is a new group on campus whose goals are to promote interfaith connections among college students and create a safe space to discuss religious ideas without judgement.

The organization was started by students of the religion department as a way to create bonds between people with different religious backgrounds.

With the board members consisting of an agnostic president, a pagan secretary, a vice-president that draws from Judeo-Christian beliefs, and a Christian minister as the adviser, the group is well-rounded and diverse.

During the first meeting on Sept. 5, the board members discussed the direction they want to take the group.

The adviser, Susan Ulrich, said that she wants this group to “support each other in hard times, no matter the difference in beliefs.”

The group seems to be aimed at being primarily a support group and safe space, while secondarily being a place to discuss different religious ideas.

In the past, universities across the U.S. have had to deal with much scrutiny in their attempts to promote interfaith relations.

In 2015, Duke University attempted to promote interfaith connections by having a Muslim call to prayer from the university’s chapel.

The public responded with threats to Duke, and people such as Billy Graham called for support to be withheld from the university.

These actions led to the university cancelling the event, according to The Charlotte Observer.

But these threats have not stopped people from continuing to push interfaith relations.

Many groups have popped up across the country with this goal in mind.

Groups such as Coexist stand to strengthen interfaith connections and promote peace among various religious backgrounds.

With this goal in mind, the Sacred Alliance has high hopes for their future on campus.

During the meeting, the board members mentioned that they do not want any one religion to take over the group, but for the group to have equal representation for all religions.

Along with being an interfaith group, the Alliance also has plans for charity work.

One event that is planned to take place this semester is a food drive on campus.

The board members hope that this charity work will help further relations among group members, as well as promote peace in the community.

Other activities, which have not been specified, have been planned to help the growth the group throughout the school year.

The next meeting is planned to take place on Sept. 20, for those who want to show their support.

For more information contact Susan Ulrich by phone at 910-446- 9336 or email at

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