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#BraveNation App Disappoints

Today is Thursday, it is around noon, and I find myself in a line 10 miles long to secure a

ticket to this Saturday’s football game.

The catch? For students to secure a ticket to football games, they must download the UNCP #BraveNation app and show it to the workers at the ticket counter.

Last year, the university unveiled a new app called #BraveNation that is compatible on Apple and Android devices.

While using ticket distribution may be a great way to promote the new app, there are downsides to this method.

The major problem with this method of distributing tickets is that it is held during class time, resulting in low attendance at the games.

The first couple of seasons that UNCP had football, tickets were handed out in the University Center as students walked to lunch.

The negative effect of this was that students with no intention of attending the game would pick up a ticket, also resulting in empty seats.

This year UNCP decided to try a new approach to the ticket distribution process.

Beginning this season, the athletic department implemented a priority system within the #BraveNation app that gives students an additional chance to pick up tickets.

With this new system, athletic communications staffers hold multiple student giveaways in two-hour blocks.

This added convenience should help minimize issues with ticket giveaway and pickup.

Students can enhance their fan experience with the app and get rewarded for their loyalty.

Students that download the app can check in at events to rack up points and unlock prizes.

Students can also stay up-to- date on event dates, game times, and point standings.

Not only sporting events that will be featured on the app. Other events such as concerts, plays, and movies will also present opportunities for users to earn points.

In addition to those features, students can also unlock rewards and exclusive offers with their points.

Students can keep track of their accumulated points and see how they measure up to their

peers with a campus-wide leaderboard.

Students can share their event experiences on social media. The app will allow students to share their check-ins on Facebook or Twitter, as well as what type of UNCP gift they won after accumulating a certain amount of points.

However, compared to other college apps, the #BraveNation app is way behind when it comes to features.

For example, UNC Chapel Hill’s app, called Go Heels, allows students to listen to live audio for football games and other sporting events throughout the season.

The Go Heels app also provides students with the opportunity to view and to contribute to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram news feeds posted by the teams and other Tar Heel fans.

Overall, the #BraveNation app could be improved. Besides accumulating points for rewards, and being able to check scores from all UNCP teams, there really is nothing to write home about.

The one thing that the two apps have common is the scoring and stats feature. Both apps give students and fans all the numbers and play-by- play recaps they need to stay updated on the games.

Another big difference between the two apps is that the Go Heels app allows users to receive custom notifications.

Users in Chapel Hill will receive custom alert notifications to on things surrounding Gameday festivities.

Another major difference between the apps that UNCP needs to try out is the audio feature.

In order for the #BraveNation app to gain more popularity, athletic communications should think about adding an audio feature.

Fans love it when they have the opportunity to stay updated on games, especially when a video stream isn’t available.

Having an audio feature could make the fan experience much more cohesive.

Without a major feature like this, the #BraveNation app doesn’t measure up to the competition.

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