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Halloween Favorites Carry a Steep Price

As Oct. 31 draws near, Americans are preparing for Halloween festivities by purchasing candy to share, costumes to wear, decorations to show and pumpkins to carve with family.

Americans are anticipated to spend $2.7 billion on candy with 71 percent preparing to give out candy, according to the National Retail Federation filings.

The surveyed candy sales from 2007- 2016, focusing on the three months prior to Halloween.

They collected data on the sales of candy for each state to see which Halloween candy was a favorite in each state.

North Carolina’s favorite candy is M&M’s. California and Pennsylvania agreed, according to the data.

North Carolina purchased 96,110 pounds of M&M’s landing them in first place, second place is Reese’s at 95,763 pounds and candy corn came in third place, with 62,308 pounds of candy purchased three months prior to Halloween during the eight years.

The favorite candy among many states was candy corn, according to, but it was not the favorite of some faculty and students on campus.

Although some said they liked it, it was not their favorite.

Dr. Emilia Bak said that she liked candy corn, but her favorite Halloween candy is Sour Patch Kids.

Raekwon Lunkin, Robin Johnson and Chantelle Lee all said their favorite Halloween candy is Snickers.

Dr. Judy Curtis said her favorite Halloween candy is Mounds because she loves dark chocolate.

Between the sales of candy, decorations, costumes, greeting cards and pet costumes, the sales around Halloween 2017 are expected to reach a new high of $9.1 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.

Sales statistics, like the National Retail Federation’s show how much Americans love candy, especially at Halloween.

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