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Task Force Makes Plans for NC Promise

In preparation for the imminent arrival of the NC Promise in the fall 2018 semester, a task force has been assembled to plan for the estimated increase in the university’s student body.

This task force is made up of representatives from every department including faculty, athletics, student/residential living and police, according to Dr. David Ward, provost.

Each representative of the task force has their own area to cover in the possible expansion with NC Promise, Dr. Ward said.

“Academic policy and retention is my main focus in the task force,” Dr. Ward said.

The representatives oversee specific areas or units within the university and will look “unit by unit to assess how large an increase in students” the specific area can handle, he said.

Members must first identify the capacity of these areas and project the amount of growth they can handle.

From there, results will fuel a discussion about what solutions will be put in place and when.

Ward said that there would not be any dramatic increase to classroom sizes in comparison to current conditions.

“All we’re doing is viewing the inherent capacity of classroom sizes and maybe expanding on them by a bit,” Dr. Ward said.

The task force is operating under the anticipation of a “flood of students” into the university environment and, as a result, the team plans to “control the spigot,” Dr. Ward said.

Thus, the university acceptance process will continue striving to remain fair and balanced.

Guidelines will structure the influx of students, all the while continuing to ensure the sustainability of the university’s facilities.

As strategies, predictions and plans are made, Ward continues to focus on aspects that will largely affect the university’s future success.

Info Graphic made by Ashley Self - Info from UNCP's Website

“I think the combination of growth and retention brings resources that bring with it opportunities,” Dr. Ward said.

The changes the task force seeks to put in place are not intended to affect the quality of education offered to students or the integrity of the university’s core values.

Ultimately, moving forward, UNCP will continue to “change lives through education” and remain the place “where learning gets personal.”

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