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UNCP Says Goodbye to Blackboard, Hello to Canvas

Starting next semester, Spring 2018, UNCP will be switching from Blackboard to Canvas.

Canvas is a learning management system that is primarily used as an educational technology software.

UNCP has been using Blackboard for years, and after dealing with several crashes, software failures and other difficulties with the program, the university will officially be making the switch to use Canvas next semester.

Professors have been working non-stop to learn the new software, taking courses and training to learn Canvas, and to switch all of their students to it.

Not all professors will be using Canvas this upcoming semester, however, in the Fall semester of 2018, the entire university will have to make the switch.

“Canvas is a lot simpler than Blackboard,” James Lewis, manager of the interactive video facility, stated.

The different modules that can be seen on Blackboard will be easier to access and courses will be organized better.

Many students have complained and noticed the various crashes Blackboard has committed, while students simply try to sign out of their account.

“It’s frustrating and unreliable,” Brianna Kelly, student at UNCP, said.

“Some of my friends from other colleges said their university haven’t used Blackboard in years,” another student stated.

UNCP will be one of the last university’s in the UNC system to make the switch to Canvas. The university is, in a way, playing catch up.

Many professors have expressed grievances against the switch, due to them being so accustomed to Blackboard, but are excited for the simplicity of the program.

Some professors in the School of Business have already started using Canvas and say that they enjoy the new software.

Some of the pros of the new Canvas software include: easier to use software, fewer crashes and glitches, and an overall better learning experience.

However, some of the cons of Canvas include: having to learn a new software, and although it is a step up from Blackboard, not all crashes and glitches will be resolved.

An amazing attribute of Canvas is that there are many free online tutorials and answer forums for both professors and students who are not sure as to how to work the software.

Students, look forward to seeing this brand-new learning tool next semester, and say goodbye to the glitches and crashes.

If you are not sure whether or not you’ll be using Canvas next semester, ask your professors.


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