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BraveNation App Updates Go Live

UNCP is one of a handful of NCAA Division II schools to partner with SuperFanU to launch a fan loyalty rewards app.

Fans can unlock rewards and exclusive offers with their points.

Also, students can keep track of their accumulated points and see how they measure up to their peers with a campus-wide leaderboard.

Can’t make it to the game? Athletic Communications is adding a new feature that allows fans to live stream each athletic event. Additionally, audio links were added.

To stay updated on athletic news and events, users receive weekly push notifications from the app.

Notifications and location services must be activated on users’ phones to receive these communications.

According to Athletic Communications, more than $2,500 worth of giveaways, unique fan experiences and chances to win money towards tuition are offered throughout the athletic season.

Over 138 students have redeemed points for prizes at three separate prize store events.

In addition, tickets and parking passes to football games, and to the UNCP vs. UNC basketball game were given away utilizing the app.

The app also allows fans to share their event experiences on social media, for example, fans can share their check-ins on Facebook or Twitter, as well as what type of UNCP gift they won after accumulating a certain amount of points.

The #BraveNation app has over 2,500 registered users, which is more than all of the other 11 Peach Belt Conference institutions combined.

As of this year, the #BraveNation app has more than 950 new registrations.

The app was first launched in February 2016, since then, more than 9,000 fans have checked in to UNCP’s home athletic events and student involvement events.

More than 6,500 fans have checked in to athletic events alone.

In addition, more than 1,000 fans have checked in to UNCP’s home events during this calendar year.

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