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Sexperts Discuss, Educate Students

The UC Lounge was crowded with students seeking answers about their sexual health from a panel of “sexperts” (sex experts) on Nov. 8. from 7 – 8 p.m.

The evening included discussion, information, prizes and gifts. The panel of five sexperts were made up of students, as well as representatives from the nursing department and Planned Parenthood.

Assistant Director of Health Promotion Megan Ulrich, part of student health services, was excited to finally be holding the event. After receiving some hesitation and “push-back” from UNCP faculty, Ulrich defended the importance of sexual health education.

“We’re here to give information and resources,” Ulrich said. “Just trying to normalize the conversation around sexual health.”

Students arrived 30 minutes prior to the event to sign up for a prize raffle by submitting a question, written on a note card, for the sexperts to answer.

The highest raffle prize was a adult toy with a $70 value. Prizes raised eyebrows and were the reason behind most of the faculty’s disdain, according to Ulrich.

“Those were primarily for drawing students to the event,” Ulrich said.

Goody-bags including informational sheets, condoms, lubrication, and prompts reminding students about the importance of consent, communication and protection to participate in sexual activities, were provided to all who attended the event.

Students flocked to get their hands on free condoms.

Every seat made available for the event was filled and students made use of the surrounding couches and tables in the lounge when seating started to run out before the discussion began.

While the event may have had the potential to be awkward, students were comfortable to ask their questions and listen to the responses because of the comic relief provided by the sexperts.

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