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“Wild N’ Out: The Pembroke Version”

The UNCP Residence Hall Association hosted their first “Wild N’ Out: College Edition” April 10 in the UC Lounge at 6 p.m.

RHA members helped check-in and serve snacks to the audience 15 minutes after the doors opened. The UC Lounge was full of students, faculty and staff. Nick Courmon and Lamar Courmon were the emcees of the night and ran the games and challenges that were played.

Teams faced off in numerous of games: Celebrity Death Battle, Spit Talk, Family Reunion, Hood Jeopardy, So Fly, Let Me Holla and Plead the Fifth. Celebrity Death Battle is a guessing game where players try to figure out what celebrity the person is trying to be.

RHA added their own twist and had the team do impressions of a celebrity. Spit Talk is a game where one person from each team sits with their mouth full of water as people from the opposite team tries to make them laugh and spit out the water.

In Family Reunion, players introduced their “family member,” while rhyming jokes about them to make the audience laugh. Hood Jeopardy was a “hood” inspired version of the original game-show Jeopardy.

The teams rapped about how “fly” their team leader was in the game So Fly, whoever had the best pun won. For Let Me Holla, teams complimented or used puns to win admiration from a girl. To win in Plead the Fifth, players had to deny an accusation or obviously, “plead the fifth.”

RHA even had the Wild N’ Out girls participate in Spit Talk and Let Me Holla. Brother to Brother, Cookies and Cream, Dark Squad, Team RHA and Team Dae Dae faced off against each other for the Wild N’ Out belt.

Even though the event was based on the show Wild N’ Out, there were a lot of rules in the UNCP version, like no cursing and players could not speak about past experiences or their personal lives. After the first two rounds, Dark Squad, Team Dae Dae and Brother to Brother were the final teams left. Dark Squad faced off in the So Fly game against Brother to Brother to determine who went to the finals.

“My team leader is so fly he makes a rap Steve Irkal work,” a member of Dark Squad said. The audience laughed and the team got a *ding* from the DJ, then they played Let Me Holla with the two Wild N’ Out girls.

Brother to Brother was off to a good start, but they fell short when one member did not impress the two ladies.

“Go ahead and put your snap in there,” a member of Brother to Brother said. The audience didn’t approve either and they didn’t receive a *ding* from the DJ. Dark Squad continued with a hot streak when one of the Wild N’ Out girls approved of his statement.

“Got the money, I got the title, but you know what they say, every Queen needs a King,” a Dark Squad member said. Dark Squad beat Brother to Brother and they proceed to the final round against Team Dae Dae.

They started of with Family Reunion to see who would have the most puns and laughs from the audience. One member from Team Dae Dae went to an audience member and sung his freestyle to the song.

“This my cousin Shaquita and she’s from the hood, when she turns the lights on all the roaches say what’s good,” he said. The audience laughed, but it ended with a tie between the two teams.

Lamar Couman was going to have them do Hood Jeopardy again, but the DJ had difficulties with his computer, so instead, he let them freestyle. Unfortunately, both teams didn’t know how to freestyle so they had to change games.

“Ya’ll don’t know how to freestyle so we’ll just have the audience determine the winner,” Courman said. Dark Squad had the most cheers and won the Wild N’ Out competition.

Lamar Courman and Nick Courman thanked the audience for coming out and recommended that next year that anyone who wants to participate should not drop out at the last minute.

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