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Famous Drag Queen Graces UNCP at the Dragsquerade

Spectrum’s annual drag show proved popular when students filled every seat provided leaving only standing room in the UC Lounge on April 4 at 7 p.m.

Five queens came to UNCP, some travelling up to three hours, to perform lip syncing and entertain the attendees with high fashion and comedy. The featured star was Stacy Layne Matthews, who competed on the third season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’

Tatianna Matthews, Jinx Matthews, Rashmia Riosh, Thundora Thighz-Matthews and surprise guest Bubbles Matthews were also in line to perform for the Pembroke students and community members. DJ Gizmo, the regular weekend music entertainment at Wing Co., riled up the crowd between performers with her comedic remarks.

Pictured is UNC Pembroke Spectrum students with Queens Bubbles Matthews, Jinx Matthews, Stacy Layne Matthews, Thundora-Thigz Matthews, Rashmia Riosh and Tatianna Matthews (left to right).

The host for much of the evening, Thundora Thighz-Matthews, went back and forth with Gizmo. Laughter and cheers erupted during the exchanges between the two. Tatianna Matthews, a former student of UNCP, appeared at last year’s show as well.

She is proud of the community for coming further along than when she was a student here. The last name Matthews is the name the ‘drag family’ has adopted for their members. The family was started by Stacy Layne Matthews.

Everyone with the name has been mentored by an already established Matthews. Bubbles is a faux queen, also known as a diva queen, meaning she is biological woman that enjoys the typically male style of drag. Her “mother” is Jinx Matthews.

Turnout was the most the drag show has ever brought in, according to UNC Pembroke Spectrum’s Facebook page. It was a healthy mix of freshman, as well, whereas last year there were less than five.

The queens stayed after to take photos with students, and there were a lot of students that stayed to get pictures.

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