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Greeks Pack the House: Students Connect with Sororities and Frats

UNCP hosted its annual “Meet the Greeks” event on Aug. 22 at 7 p.m. in Givens Performing Arts Center (GPAC). At 7:30 p.m., GPAC was filled with students, parents and staff who were excited to meet the various fraternities and sororities and learn more about what the Greeks represent and what they do for the community. Tucker Pridgen, junior and president of Phi Kappa Tau, described “Meet the Greeks” as “a very fun event that was well organized and is changing up the game for incoming freshman by being held in GPAC.” “Meet the Greeks” is an annual event held on campus to educate students about Greek Life. On Aug. 22, both Fraternity and Sorority life shared a small portion of their values as they presented on stage at Givens Performing Arts Center (GPAC). Additionally, tables were set up for students to ask questions and to learn what the organizations were all about. “I had a lot of fun informing new students on what our organization has the opportunity to do on and off campus,” said Zackary Hunt, a sophomore and member of Phi Sigma Nu. Throughout the night, sororities and fraternities such as Kappa Alpha Psi, Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha and others presented what they are, what they do and their history. This information was displayed in the form of songs, strolling and video presentations. Phi Sigma Mu kicked the night off with the song “In My Feelings” by Drake. The students cheered them on and sang along to the words. In addition, Alpha Sigma Alpha discussed their philanthropy and performed a chant for the students. Kappa Delta elaborated on how they serve to instill confidence in women and presented a video describing their values. Furthermore, Zeta Tau Alpha spoke on how they support breast cancer education and awareness by raising money to help find a cure. Afterwards, the sorority shared a video of their ladies and encouraged everyone to go Greek. The brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi discussed their upcoming Sweetheart pageant on Sept. 9. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta, and Zeta Tau Alpha are the three PanHellenic sororities here on campus.

Credits: Photo by UNCP Photography

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