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Best UNCP Campus Attractions

Juggling the maintenance of a good GPA, bills and heightened stress levels, all while trying to get “the college experience” can be tough and if you are struggling to find a healthy balance between your academics and leisure, you may want to take advantage of the university’s many opportunities to do so. While there are opportunities for students to engage off campus, there are also plenty available on campus. These campus activities and meeting places serve to keep students engaged in school while acting to decrease stress levels. Thus, engaging in these activities allow students to be productive in their free time and develop proper stress outlets.

The University Center

The University Center has Chick-fil-A, student lounges, couches a meditation room and many other things that can help students ease college-induced stresses. Additionally, the UC also houses the Hawks Nest, where students can bowl or play billiards. “I like to hang out at the UC [University Center] if they have an event going on, or by the waterfall,” said Annaca Jackson, a junior Pre-Med student, majoring in biology. Other students seem to agree. Valonda Clarida, a UNCP alumna who received a Bachelor’s degree in Birth-Kindergarten Education, remembers her time as a student. “Where Chick-Fil-A is, it used to be called Bert’s,” said Carida. “That was where I went a lot to go eat and hang out with friends. I went to the meditation room in the UC too.” “I enjoy going to Chick-fil-A because that’s where the food is at, ayyyeee,” said Kelliona Vaught, a junior Birth-Kindergarten Education major. However, the UC is not the only place students can gather for entertainment or relaxation. There are many other places that serve the same purpose.

The Water Feature

If you need to write a paper, but cannot seem to find the inspiration to do so, you can take the Brave Walk over the bridge by the Mary Livermore Library and enjoy the water feature or what students like to call “the Waterfall.” This beautiful landmark is relaxing to the ears and can help you clear your mind. It can also spark up those brain waves needed to write that paper, or complete any other assignment that you have on your agenda.


Need caffeine or the extra motivation to finish the paper you started five minutes ago (that you should’ve started five days ago)? Try Starbucks. Or, take a stroll inside the D.F. Lowry building and meet a friend for coffee one afternoon you both are not consumed with schoolwork. The Pavilion

In the summer evenings when you just want to relax and wind down for the day, you can go to the pavilion near the health science building to relax. The fall breeze is a welcoming feeling for contemplating the full beauty of nature on campus, or catching up on schoolwork with some Starbucks.

Furthermore, whether you choose to grab a bite from Chick-Fil-A, a coffee from Starbucks, or some peace and quiet from the meditation room, the water feature, or the pavilion, when you begin to feel overwhelmed with the many requirements college has, remember to take a break and re-group.

Credits: Photo by Janisha Gore, Staff Writer

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