How to Prepare for a Successful Semester

September 17, 2018

Homework, deadlines, meetings...oh the pains of being a college student! Have you ever thought about how important it is to prepare for your day?


As Ben Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


Being prepared allows one to perform to the best of their abilities and when you take time to do so, you have already succeeded.


Even though you may be able to function without properly preparing yourself, preparation allows you to be calm and make clear, sound decisions.


Self Care Comes First


It all starts with taking care of your body. If your body is not taken care of, it’s a possibility you may not be able to carry out certain tasks to the best of your abilities. This includes getting adequate sleep and having a substantial diet.

“It’s just as important to focus on taking care of yourself as it is your academics,” said senior Sequoya Locklear.


Plan Ahead


Have a calendar or a planner handy.


Keeping a close track of upcoming events and deadlines will prevent you from scavenging to get things done at the last minute. For the chronic procrastinators, please pick up a planner. Your life will have order and you will be so thankful that the small step you took made such an impact in your routine.


“I have a calendar planner and a whiteboard calendar. I always keep an inspirational quote posted above my calendar, a different one for each month. Right now, I have a bible verse posted: ‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, Ecclesiastes 3:1,’” said junior Gabrielle Apollo. “I actually tutor Bio 1000. I always tell students to take notes and to make their own quizlets.”


However, a calendar isn’t the only way to keep up. Sticky notes, note cards, alarms or anything that will stand out to you will do the trick. My mom keeps notes posted on the fridge. That tends to lessen the confusion by keeping everyone in the loop with what’s going on. You must do what works for you!


Seek Help


“I’m not afraid to ask for help. If I’m unsure of something, I use my resources such as: The Center for Student Success, tutoring, and even the writing center in D.F. Lowry. I also try to build good academic relationships with my peers,” said junior Calyce’ Taylor.


In the end, it’s not about how ready you were for the task but rather if you carried it out successfully.


Being prepared is only logical because it will have you less worried about the things you need to accomplish.


Take a moment to plan for your meeting/assignment/task and most likely you will take the proper steps from there.



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