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Asheboro Man Charged with Assault for Foot Touching

Pembroke Police Booking Photo

UNC-Pembroke police arrested a man for assault at the beginning of this month for repeatedly touching a woman’s foot in a computer lab.

On Monday, Oct. 1, a female student reported that she was assaulted by male student on campus days prior to her report.

The report states that the woman was studying in the computer lab, when Christopher J. Deas, 42, approached the woman, went under the table and repeatedly touched the victim’s feet.

After the incident, the unnamed woman reported the assault and shortly after, Deas was arrested on assault charges and banned from UNC-Pembroke’s campus.

Some students have recollection of Deas wandering into classrooms which he was never enrolled in and even writing love letters to some students.

Deas was arrested on the following campuses: UNC, UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Pembroke, North Carolina State, Davidson County Community College, University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina, and also banned University of South Carolina, Davidson County Community College and the University of Chapel Hill and arrested on assault charges on similar incidents of touching women’s feet.

The assaults date back to 2008 when Deas was arrested on North Carolina State University’s campus for assault on a female.

Deas was arrested on NCSU’s campus again two years later in 2011 for the same offense.

According to a national jail booking site, Deas has been arrested three times in South Carolina and five times in North Carolina within the past decade.

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