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Immunization Prevents International Students from Forced Withdrawal from Program

Many academic and exchange students who were on the edge of withdrawal from their classes at UNCP, received their immunization for Hepatitis B on Wednesday, Sep. 26.

Many international students were unable to provide full records of their immunizations to students health services center, because they had not previously taken the shots, and didn’t have them.

According to state law of North Carolina, every international student, studying in the any institute of NC must have their complete immunization records. Absence of complete medical records can withdraw students from their classes.

“All students are required by North Carolina Immunization Branch to have certain vaccines before attending universities. They do allow a 30 day grace period for students to receive their vaccines. Students who don’t have vaccines could carry a disease that could affect others around them,” Cora Bullard, director student health services center said.

The date for vaccination was changed due to Hurricane Florence because a lot of students were leaving campus, Bullard further said.

The deadline to submit records was Sep. 15, but all the activities were canceled due to the hurricane.

So, students were allowed to provide their records later.

Students also received Sep. 19 as a tentative date for getting their shots.

Again, the university couldn’t make it that day. Finally, on Oct. 26, students received their shots on campus.

Amanda Goforth is the University Program Associate at Office of Global Engagement.

According to Goforth, “The Office of Global Engagement worked with Student Health Services to make sure all of our students received their immunizations. Student Health Services arranged for Walgreens to come to the campus and give international student their immunizations.”

Goforth further added that previously they used to take international students off campus to get their shots.

However, this was a lengthy process and over-stressed county health department.

This time it worked more efficiently and they are hoping to continue it in future semesters

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