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Open Mic Night is a Success!

Students gathered in the UC Lounge on Oct. 10, for an open mic night, hosted by Phi Beta Sigma and Inkwell.

Anyone was welcomed to sign up and share their creativity in front of the audience.

The night allowed students to share their talents with peers, as some performed their writings and songs for the first time in front of anyone.

“I thought it was really great how students were so confident in sharing their writings and songs in front of the audience,” said senior Morgan Love.

The rooms were filled with poetry that cited stories of personal experiences in relationships.

One student shared about how promise rings was a symbol of promising to love them.

A popular topic of discussion was love, while some speakers shared blissful experiences with it, others shared their experiences of heartbreak and broken promises.

One of the speakers stated, “Just enjoy what you have until it’s gone.”

Additionally, October 10 is well known as Mental Health day, a fact that some students paid tribute to in their performances and writings.

This night also allowed people the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions in front of people they otherwise might not.

Original songs and raps were also performed by students, which displayed how talented and gifted a lot of our students here at UNC Pembroke are.

“I thought there were fresh faces and fresh ideas through the entire open mic night,” stated junior, Alyssa Cureton.

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