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Alpha Phi Alpha Hosts “Keep Your Cool,” Equips Students with Skills for the Job Interview

Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the Career Center joined together to make a program to help improve student’s ability to succeed during interviews of any job or career choice.

During the event, students exercised to practice situations that may happen during an actual interview. They helped students learn ways to sharpen their interview skills so that they have a better experience and better chance at getting that job or getting involved with a company or organization.

Director of the Career Center, Marlane Mowitz shared tips on how to lower stress before entering an interview, how to talk, when to shake hands and how to introduce yourself.

Mowitz said students need to learn how to market themselves while in the interview process.

She also shared the common mistakes people make during their interview.

Her discussion offered students helpful tips to eliminate those factors to increase chances at succeeding in their interview.

They reviewed several questions to study and learn so it will not come as a surprise if the interviewer asks those same questions.

“The event was to help educate the college community on what to do in a interview and business setting,” Alpha Phi Alpha member, Cory Brown said.

Another member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Justice Sincere Boykins said they wanted to help develop leaders, promote academic excellence while providing service and advocating for their campus community.

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