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Highlights from Braves Basketball’s Moonlight Madness

The Braves Moonlight Madness event started off with a lot of energy and excitement from the coaches, players and the jam packed home audience at Lumbee Guaranty Bank Court on Oct.18. The players and commentator pumped the crowd up with their new introduction video showcasing some new faces.

A couple of the newest additions to the men’s basketball team are redshirt senior guard Jabrie Bullard, sophomore forward Spencer Levi, freshman guard Dewan Lesesne, freshman guard Michael Bramwell, junior forward Forrest Powell and junior forward Jordoun Cloud.

The new faces for the women’s team are freshman guard Naomi Gilbert, freshman guard Danielle Heath and senior forward Deja McCain.

High flyers:

The Black and Gold decided to show us their dunking abilities in a dunk contests with the players sophomore David Strother, junior Akia Pruitt, redshirt senior Shaun Kirk, Levi and Powell.

The players executed some amazing dunks, and in the end the victor ended up being the Whiteville N.C. native in Shaun Kirk with a furious throwdown that amazed the judges and crowd in attendance.

Three point shootout:

The three point shootout involved two teams.

The victors would eventually be the team comprised of redshirt freshman Cam Hamilton, redshirt senior Brianna Braham and Isabelle Gornail won the shootout with a score of 18 to 14.

Isabelle would try her skills at making at least five shots with 10 attempts.

She finally made a shot on her final shot attempt but failed to make five she need to win, but there is a twist. She was still awarded the five hundred dollars prize for her determination and valiant effort.

Men’s and women’s scrimmage:

The women’s game was a low scoring affair due in part to great defensive efforts from both intersquad teams and the score ended up being 24 to 22.

The men’s scrimmage also had didn’t result in many points being scored due as a result of great defense as well and the final score for their contest would finish at 39 to 31.

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