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Halloween Recap: Livermore Library Gets Spooky

Pembroke Activities Council (PAC) hosted a Halloween event in Mary Livermore Library on Oct. 29 from 7-9 p.m.

Students crafted pumpkins and skulls on the bottom floor and enjoyed the experience of an escape room on the top floor. PAC also provided candy to satisfy students’ sweet tooth craving.

The library was decorated with cobwebs and orange lights in the festive spirit of Halloween.

“I’m a big fan of Halloween time and was really excited attending the haunted Livermore library,” said senior Demetria McNeill.

As students participated in the activities, Halloween music filled the library creating a spine-chilling atmosphere.

“Seeing the library decked out with spooky cobwebs and exciting Halloween decorations really put students in the mood to paint pumpkins and go through an escape room,” said freshman Jillian Shroyer.

This spooky event kicked off the week leading up to Halloween day.

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