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I Am Boss Holds Organization ‘Build a Bra Event’ to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness Throughout Campus

I Am Boss hosted an event at the end Breast Cancer Awareness month called Build-A-Bra on Oct. 24 in UC room 213 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

I Am Boss President Brittney Parris thought of the idea to design bras with ribbons, rhinestones, pearls, flowers, glitter and glitter strips.

The members of I Am Boss made the conference room into an arts and crafts studio with lots of supplies for participants to use to make their bras. Participants could use the bras provided or bring their own.

“These bras are cute,” a student said.

The plan was to give the bras to another organization, Bras for a Cause, to have a few selected to be framed and auctioned off. Some of the bras would also be given to the Cape Fear Valley Friends of the Cancer Center for patients and survivors.

Robin Johnson, adviser of I Am Boss, and Parris met with Bras for a Cause at one of their banquets. The banquet consisted of people paying for tickets, making donations and giving awards out to people who gave the most to breast cancer patients and hospitals.

“We want to support the patients and survivors,” Parris said. “My grandma was a breast cancer survivor so that’s where I got the idea.”

I Am Boss member Shiheem Bryant called out raffle tickets to win prices while the participants finished up on the bras.

The prizes consisted of pink socks, bracelets, pens and footballs. After the raffle drawings, everyone who participated got the last prizes.

“I was pleased, there were more people than I expected,” Johnson said. “It’s outside of the box and Brittney did a great job, I think we all did a great job.”

At the end, there were 14 bras that were designed and put on the table at the end of the room to dry.

Alex Champ, who is in charge of public relations and social media, took pictures of each participant with their designed bras to put on the I Am Boss social media.

Parris would love for more students to continue to attend I Am Boss’ events in the future. For the past month, I Am Boss has had a Breast Cancer Bake Sale, Brunch with a Boss and Halloween Social. Johnson agrees that this semester was I Am Boss’s best one.

“I Am Boss has been around for four years and we have made such a positive impact,” Johnson said. “We have proven that by bringing all kind of students to our events.”

According to Brave Connect, I Am Boss is an organization who dedicates to motivate academically, develop and empower students to build their confidence, self-respect, poise and ultimately, make them BOSS.

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