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Students Display Artwork, Talent at Art and Art Club’s Model Night Exhibition 2018

This artwork was created by the artist Nicole “Knapps” Bell. It was among others shown at the SGA-hosted Art and Art Club’s Model Night at the UC Annex. PN Photo/ Antwon Johnson

UNCP’s SGA hosted an Arts and Arts Club Model Night on Oct. 30 in the UC Lounge.

The event showcased talents such as visual art, musical art and poetry or spoken word.

Sophomore Jimmy Jenkins, majoring in art with a concentration in design, showcased his art which is called “No-tan."

“No-tan is a combination of the colors black and white, similar to the yin and yang sign,” Jenkins said.

On the traditional side of art, sophomore Isaiah Holley, majoring in art with a concentration in drawing, does a variety of drawings but his favorite is the art of realism.

“I try to put as much texture as I can, to give off that realistic feeling,” Holley said.

Holley showed many pieces of his artwork and said that his smaller drawings took 30 hours to complete and his bigger drawings took 140 hours.

He is also looking at his art from a business perspective as he sells his art on under the store name Artistic Shadows.

“I have a passion for art, so I want to make a living out of it,” he said.

Senior Nicole Bell, majoring in art with a concentration in studio art, showcased four works at the show, two of which were completed over the summer as a side series.

“The two four feet paintings were completed during my independent study with Professor Joseph Begnaud” Bell said. “All four paintings are considered multimedia being that I used acrylic paint, oil paint, and markers/sharpie.”

The Hertford County native specializes in drawing, sketching and painting but has great experiences with clay, pottery, sculpting and welding.

SGA Vice President Jorden Revels said that they wanted to give art students a bigger platform to show their talents.

“We believe that art is one of the biggest expressions for students,” Revels said.

When asked what they wanted the art show to accomplish, all three artists said that they hope it opens the campus’ eyes on the art department and that they have a outlet to get their names out.

“Patience is key when dealing with art and I’m very patient myself” Holley said. “I want this show to continue to get my name out as a young artist.”

“The art show serves my purpose, which is to get my artwork seen by a lot of people” Bell said.

“Being that digital art doesn’t get enough recognition I am excited to be able the show the potential of it at the art show” Jenkins said.

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