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Computers Upgrade Within the University Center and Livermore Library

Recently, new computers have been placed in the James B. Chavis University Center on campus at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. UNCP provides students with diverse tools and materials all throughout the campus in encouragement to create the best learning environment to fit all students.

The University has placed brand new Lenovo computers in the UC lab, one of the main buildings on campus for eating, socialization and studying.

“I feel like a computer lab already being located here is convenient,” said Devin Jones, a student at UNCP. “The location for this lab is great, we can grab food and go right back to school work within minutes.”

These computers have updated software along with the addition of a touch-enabled screen, according to DoIT Help Desk Representative Aduale Rahman.

“I wasn’t aware of the change in computers,” said Marcius Guthrie, a senior at the University of North Carolina Pembroke. “It is helpful if you don’t have a laptop as a student.”

With the placement of the new computers in the UC, there were some computers that were taken out of the student residential areas, such as Oak Hall, Pine Hall, Cypress Hall, Village Apartments and Courtyard Apartments.

“Areas that were once available for the use of computers no longer have them, so I think that more students will be going to the UC,” said Amari BriceGreene, a three-year student at UNCP. “Personally, I probably won’t be using them often, however I think they’re great for newer students or students without easy access to computers or laptops.”

“I feel that the placement of these new computers will bring more student circulation to the University Center,” Jones said.

With the large influx of new students, UNCP is continuing to place a focus on updating and creating more resources to build the experience of our student body, while also building for our future students.

PN Photo/Micheál DeMers

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