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Teacher Resource Library Moved to School of Education Building

UNCP's School of Education celebrated the reopening of the Teacher Resource Library on Jan. 31.

The Teacher Resource Library was once located in the Mary Livermore Library, but has now moved to the School of Education room 137.

Claire Clemens, a reference librarian who was hired to set up the library, is well-versed in everything that the students who use the library will be able to check out.

A group of students who major in education come to the library often and had mostly positive reactions.

“The library is very accessible; a great place to study and get on the computers,” said Logan Oxendine, a licensure for elementary education major.

“[The change]did a great job with bringing out all of the children’s book; it used to be an old curriculum, now it has upgraded,” said Chelsey Cartette, a senior in the Elementary Education Program.

Fellow senior Elementary Education major Sammie Carson agreed that the changes made children's books more accessible. Service learning materials are also easier to get ahold of.

There were also teachers at the event who were able to tell more about the new library and how it is a disadvantage.

"It's resource to provide for our students with the necessary materials they need with teaching in public schools and to accommodate the curriculum for the school of education courses," said Dr. Gretchen Robinson, associate professor of special education.

"We created this space with library books, ten thousand children and young adult books; have textbooks that are currently being used in K-8 classroom and students can use those as a resource when building lesson plans and curriculum and doing class assignments. We also have curriculum materials, like the math manipulative and kits they can check out to use with students and schools and with class projects as well," said Dr. Lisa Mitchell, associate professor and department chair of the School of Education.

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