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Lebron Is In Jeopardy of Seeing Two Streaks Come to an End

For the past 13 years Lebron James and whichever team he’s been on has made it to the NBA playoffs and what’s even more impressive is the eight-year streak of Lebron led teams making it to the NBA finals. However, in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, both streaks are in danger of coming to an abrupt end. The team is currently sitting right at .500 with an overall record of 29-29 on the season. Ordinarily, King James is able to will his team to the postseason with a late surge and is able is usually able to overcome any form of adversity with his herculean efforts like the six-time champion Tom Brady seems to do for the Patriots year in and year out. James’ first year in L.A. wasn’t expected to be smooth sailing whatsoever but it was and still is by some believed that any team that Lebron goes to becomes an immediate playoff contender and a legitimate threat to make a deep playoff push. The unfortunate caveat that might ultimately prohibit his streaks from extending beyond this season is Lebron has been dealing with several injuries this year that has forced him to miss stretches of games that his team was not able to remain competitive in for the most part. He has missed a career-high 18 games this season and essentially missed over a month of action when he was out for 17 straight games from Dec.27, 2018 to Jan.29, 2019. Although he’s been active for six of the last seven games, only two of those bouts resulted in a Lakers victory. Another variable that could derail the lofty first-year intentions of James and Laker nation everywhere is tension that might still be lingering between the star player as well as the front office decision makers and members of the roster, half of which the team was willing to ship to New Orleans for the Pelicans Anthony Davis early this month prior to the trade deadline. With only 24 games left to decide or seal their fate, Lebron will have to kick his self-proclaimed “playoff mode” into high gear or overdrive if he intends to secure one of the final playoff spots in the Western Conference. If their sensational comeback against the Houston Rockets from last night in which they were down by nearly 20 points is any indication of what they are capable of down the stretch then it could shape up to be another one of those late-season surges that Lebron led teams tend to go on and the streaks will continue to carry on.

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