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NFL Draft Talk Volume III

As the NFL draft draws closer and closer here are some questions that are circulating that pertain to prospects and their draft stock as well as their potential and projected impacts at the next level.

Would Kyler Murray be a better fit for the Giants over Dwayne Haskins?

Now that Heisman trophy winner and dual threat, as well as sport athlete Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray, is officially committed to playing football and playing in the NFL, he has presented the New York Giants, who are the first quarterback-needy team at the top of the draft, with a rather precarious conundrum to ponder between now and when they are on the clock.

Barring any unforeseen trades, that are ultimately bound to happen, the G-men will have to decide on whether Murray or Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins is the right person to succeed two-time Superbowl Champion and MVP Eli Manning as the team’s next franchise quarterback for years to come.

While Haskins is considered the better pure passer of the two and the entire crop of passers in this year’s class, Murray’s game-breaking mobility could add yet another dangerous element to an already deadly arsenal of offensive firepower that the team possesses with the likes of Saquan Barkley, Evan Engram, and Odell Beckham Jr.

Another factor to consider as the team deliberates between the two is that while the Giants are loaded at their skill positions on offense and whoever gets chosen will have no shortage of weapons, the offensive line still remains one of the most woefully inept in the league.

This unfortunate fact might inadvertently give Murray the edge over Haskins because whoever is back there will often be fleeing ferocious pass rushers that reside in the NFC East. Behind a leaky front five, if I had to hedge my bet on who could make the most of the sad situation, I’d put my money on the athlete that can escape what will be a constant crumbling pocket with ease and make some magic happen while throwing on the run or simply taking off.

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