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Trump Administration to Ban Two Chinese Owned Apps

The U.S. Department of Commerce has put a ban on U.S. business with TikTok and WhatsUp. PN Photo/Victoria Brousseau.

The popular social media apps TikTok and WeChat will no longer be available for download from Apple or Google Play stores in America as of Sunday, Sep 20th.

The United States Department of Commerce has released a statement officially detailing what the two-part ban will entail stating that starting on Sunday, it will be illegal for Americans to use or operate WeChat, these regulations will apply to TikTok on November 12th.

This does not mean that the apps will automatically disappear from users’ phones.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross told Fox Business that the initial TikTok ban will simply keep users from being able to access newer updates of the TikTok app.

The decision came last Friday, the 11th, from the Trump administration who worries that the Chinese invented and owned apps could cause security problems surrounding the upcoming 2020 Presidential election.

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